When do I need to buy a new stethoscope?

Stethoscopes are a tool. The people using stethoscopes are skilled workers. Many users are masters of their trade and specialty. Much as a mechanic might wear out a good wrench, individuals working in the medical field eventually reach a time when they need to part ways with their trusty stethoscope and find a new model. … Read more

The Future of Stethoscopes

The stethoscope is established as an icon and key diagnostic tool in medical care. For the better part of 200 years it has steadily climbed to have significant symbolic status, as well as saturation in our healthcare system. Some industry experts and medical professionals are beginning to question what the future holds for this device … Read more

Cool New Stethoscope Accessory: StethoSafe

Over the weekend we spotted this cool new stethoscope accessory called StethoSafe that is currently in development. StethoSafe appears to answer the need for protection of your stethoscope’s chest piece. If you have ever had your diaphragm or bell damaged during transport this might be the product for you. It is an easy access slip … Read more

Copper: The Choice Alloy for Stethoscopes?

While the use of various metals for their anti-microbial properties is not a new concept, a recent study published in the American Journal of Infection Control is pointing to the potential hygiene benefit of of copper as a primary metal in stethoscopes. The full text of the study,  Antimicrobial copper alloys decreased bacteria on stethoscope surfaces, describes the … Read more

Avoiding Counterfeit Stethoscopes

Counterfeit merchandise is a global problem facing consumers. Last year counterfeit goods cost the global economy $481 billion. Knockoff goods are not isolated to Levi Jeans or Louis Vuitton purses, and the unsuspecting healthcare professional can find themselves buying a knockoff stethoscope. These purchases can cost the customer in two ways 1) Inferior quality/manufacturing standards, … Read more

3M Celebrating 50 Years with Littmann

The 3M Company is celebrating the acquisition of Littmann Stethoscopes 50 years ago. Oh if only Dr. David Littmann was able to see where healthcare and his stethoscopes have gone! I truly wonder what he would think about some of the technology we have today, and what we can and cannot do with it. Innovators … Read more

Littmann Select Review

The Littmann Select is the entry point for the Littmann brand. The Select model is offered as an entry level stethoscope and is priced accordingly. Littmann has kept the construction simple with this design while still incorporating some nice features. The user will find a single tube design which is an excellent graduation for many … Read more

Examining the 3M Littmann Stethoscope Warranty

3M/Littmann offers one of the most robust warranty programs of any stethoscope manufacturer on the market. While rugged and reliable, manufacturing imperfections and damage events do occur with Littmann stethoscopes. In addition to their warranty period, 3M is good about offering reasonable repair options for those who find their stethoscope in need of restoration outside … Read more

Omron Sprague Rappaport Review

The Sprague Rappaport model by Omron is a hat tip to the origin of the stethoscope. The Sprague Rappaport design was a forerunner in the evolution of the stethoscope. When you use this model you get a feel for where auscultation originated from. I started out with this stethoscope when I first started my schooling … Read more

Littmann Cardiology III Review

The Littmann Cardiology III is probably my favorite stethoscope on the market, and my go-to for everyday clinical use. I can easily divide my time at the bedside into two time periods: before cardiology (BC) and after cardiology (AC). Switching from a basic stethoscope to an advanced stethoscope like the Littmann Cardiology III was one … Read more