Is Your Stethoscope Really Clean?

Is Your Stethoscope Really Clean

As a medical professional, you know the importance of keeping your equipment and tools  clean. Whether its your ADC otoscope or your Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope, proper care must be taken to ensure that it is clean. Unfortunately, many professionals do not know the proper way to clean their stethoscope and could potentially be putting their … Read more

7 Fun Facts About Stethoscopes

Facts About Stethoscopes

Every person working in the medical field is well aware of what a stethoscope is and it is used for. But the question is, how much do medical professionals really know about the stethoscope? Most likely, any medical professional knows that there are different kinds of units as well as the feature of each unit. … Read more


Website: In the 1960s Dr. David Littmann M.D.created what has become one of the most iconic models of stethoscope. His creation named the Littmann Cardiology became the gold standard for the modern stethoscope. Littmann and a partner formed Cardiosonics Inc to sell and market his product. The company was soon purchased by 3M which continues … Read more