Cool New Stethoscope Accessory: StethoSafe

Over the weekend we spotted this cool new stethoscope accessory called StethoSafe that is currently in development. StethoSafe appears to answer the need for protection of your stethoscope’s chest piece. If you have ever had your diaphragm or bell damaged during transport this might be the product for you. It is an easy access slip on/off cover that fits over the chest piece of the stethoscope. The cover was developed by Greg Sumner who is a firefighter/paramedic out of Florida. states that Greg currently has a patent pending for this cool new tool. Greg also has a StethoSafe KickStarter campaign currently running to help with start-up costs of getting these into production.

It appears that the initial model will be compatible with all Sprague Style, Littmann Cardiology III and IV (3 and 4), American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC) models 604 and 675 stethoscopes. StethoSafe II will be compatible with the Littmann Classic II and III (2 and 3) and American Diagnostics Corporation (ADC) Adscope 603, 608, 609, and 670.

Entry pricing for StethoSafe appears to be $12.95 per unit. Check out the Kickstarter campaign video below.


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