Omron Sprague Rappaport Review

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The Sprague Rappaport model by Omron is a hat tip to the origin of the stethoscope. The Sprague Rappaport design was a forerunner in the evolution of the stethoscope. When you use this model you get a feel for where auscultation originated from. I started out with this stethoscope when I first started my schooling in nursing. As a CNA I received this as a gift from my family in combination with a blood pressure cuff. Overall this model is a great entry point for individuals looking for their first stethoscope. If you are just learning the art of auscultation or need a basic stethoscope for rudimentary activities such as obtaining a blood pressure or apical pulse this is the model for you. It is simplistic in design and function, and the reward for this is a low price point. Unfortunately, many advanced users will find the acoustic quality of this model severely lacking if not outright frustrating. This is not the fault of Omron, but more a result of the dual tube design. Constant rubbing of the tubes can overwhelm the users ability to more discrete noises. It wasn’t long in my schooling before I decided to hand up my Sprague and switch to a budget model with a single tube design.

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Product Name: Sprague Rappaport
Brand: Omron
Chestpiece Type: Double Sided
Diaphragm Type: Non-tunable
Length: 22 inches (double tubing)
Weight: 10 ounces
Metal Finish Color Options: Chrome Plated
Tube Color Options: Black, Blue
Warranty: 1 year
Price: $
Omron Sprague Rappaport Review


Key features-

  • Latex free tubing  
  • Chrome-plated chestpiece
  • Comes with three sizes of open bells
  • Comes with two sizes of diaphragms 
  • Comes with pair of eartips
  • Purchase includes vinyl storage case


  • Very affordable
  • Includes essential basic features (bell and diaphragm)
  • Adequate sound conduction for basic use


  • Heavy- a long day of wearing this around your neck will be tiresome.
  • Dual tubes cause significant extra sounds when they rub together
  • Poor acoustic acuity
  • Uncomfortable earpieces- the stock pair are quite hard hurt the ears
  • Stiff tubing makes positioning difficult
  • Chestpiece does not include anti-chill covers which makes it more unpleasant for your patients.

Tips for this model:

Switch to rubber ear pieces for this model. Besides being very uncomfortable, hard plastic will not provide a good seal in the ear canal. Earpieces drive are the point of contact between you and your stethoscope. Always start with the size and material of the earpieces when trouble shooting your repeated struggles with a stethoscope.

To reduce the rubbing of the tubing you may want to tape the tubes together. While not aesthetically pleasing it may help significantly.

Final Thoughts

If you need a basic stethoscope to get your started in your practice this is one of the better buys out there in terms of the Sprague Rappaport model. The price point and basic features will allow anyone to perform basic assessment on a patient. Until a student or entry level healthcare professional builds their skills up this model will do just fine. There is no shame in starting out with this model, and don’t let more experienced peers tell you otherwise. Just know that down the road you will most likely find yourself desiring something more in your toolbox.


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