Best Stethoscopes for Healthcare Clinical Instructors

Instructional staff working in healthcare education need to carefully evaluate how to best support their students’ efforts to learn auscultation and use of the stethoscope. While picking a stethoscope for yourself after years of industry experience is one thing, the evaluation and selection of a stethoscope for teaching requires the ability to place oneself in the shoes of a student. Teaching stethoscopes allow the instructor to train the ear of the student. This most commonly occurs through use of stethoscopes with a double set of ear pieces that allow simultaneous auscultation by the instructor and student. Newer technologies now allow for digital recording of auscultation via electronic stethoscopes.

Instructors choosing the best stethoscope for use in teaching need to evaluate the ability of a stethoscope to address two main areas:

  • Consistent and reproducible sound characteristics
  • Student friendly

For anyone working in clinical instruction we find that the Prestige Medical Sprague Teaching Stethoscope meets these requirements.