Welcome to StethoscopesReview.com!

My name is Mike, and I am a practicing critical care RN at a teaching hospital in the Pacific Northwest (The upper left corner of the United States). After years of bedside experience I’ve seen the full range of stethoscopes available for use in the medical setting. I have a passion for two essential components of a good stethoscope: quality and ease of use. All other factors come after those two. I love cardiology! Valve disorders are some of my favorite things to assess with the stethoscope. I am also known for being a fan or pericardial and pleural rubs. I just think they have such a great presentation when you get to hear them. Working in a referral center gives me the opportunity to see a large variety of medical conditions.

Expect to hear input from myself and other colleagues on what we think the best stethoscopes look like. Working in a education setting makes me an advocate for teaching, and passing along knowledge that has been given to me. I hope you find the stethoscope reviews and resources useful in your own practice. If you have something to add or contribute feel free to contact me, as I hope this website becomes a resource for newcomers to the healthcare field. Maybe even some of us old-timers can learn a couple things as well.

Happy auscultating, and all the best,