Should Doctors and Nurses Wear Pink Stethoscopes?

As we all know that doctors and nurses are the first people who get involved in our lives and help us when we are in need. These people are very important for our health and well-being. Doctors are the ones who perform surgery, they take care of the patient, monitor the patient’s health condition and … Read more

How to Wear a Stethoscope Correctly

An important part of being a doctor is wearing the right clothing. This includes wearing a stethoscope correctly, which is not easy, especially if you don’t know the correct way to wear one. There are a lot of doctors who use the stethoscope as a tool to check their patient’s health, but they should know … Read more

Parts of a Stethoscope – What You Need To Know

A stethoscope is a simple medical instrument that’s used to listen to the internal sounds of your body. It can be used by a doctor or other healthcare professional to hear what’s happening inside your body. While most people have probably seen a stethoscope before, they may not know how it works or what it’s … Read more

How To Perform Proper Auscultation During A Chest Exam

Auscultation of the chest is the process of using a stethoscope to listen to sounds produced inside the chest area, in order to detect abnormality of heart or lung function. It is a medical procedure and is normally carried out by qualified medical practitioners. However, it can also be of use to other professionals, such … Read more

Is Your Stethoscope Really Clean?

As a medical professional, you know the importance of keeping your equipment and tools  clean. Whether its your ADC otoscope or your Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope, proper care must be taken to ensure that it is clean. Unfortunately, many professionals do not know the proper way to clean their stethoscope and could potentially be putting their … Read more

7 Fun Facts About Stethoscopes

Every person working in the medical field is well aware of what a stethoscope is and it is used for. But the question is, how much do medical professionals really know about the stethoscope? Most likely, any medical professional knows that there are different kinds of units as well as the feature of each unit. … Read more

The Single Tunable Stethoscope vs. The Double Sided Stethoscope

Tons of stethoscope manufacturers would claim that they have the best device in the world. There are a variety of stethoscope models out in the market today, yet the spotlight and the hot seat is now on the rivalry between the double sided stethoscope and the single tunable stethoscope. Littmann is the premier stethoscope manufacturer … Read more

Anatomy of the Stethoscope

Earpiece The earpiece allows for a tight seal between the user and the tubing of the stethoscope. They are commonly found in either plastic or rubber. Ear Tubes or Binaural The ear tubes aka binaural, help provide a rigid structure for the user end of the stethoscope. In combination with the spring they help to … Read more

History of the Stethoscope

The origin of the stethoscope can be traced back to 19th Century France. René-Théophile-Hyacinthe Laennec was a French physician who was uncomfortable placing his head on the chest of women to listen to their hearts. His invention of the what he called the stethoscope can be pinned to the year 1816. The original stethoscope was … Read more

How ‘The View’ got Nurses, Doctors, and Stethoscopes all Wrong

Stethoscopes are not just for use by doctors. If there was any question about that then the firestorm surrounding Miss Colorado and some uneducated comments from the Joy Behar of ‘The View’ fame has put that to rest. When she stepped before the cameras Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson probably had no clue that her outstanding … Read more