Best Stethoscope For Hearing Impaired Reviews 2023

A Stethoscope is the important device for every doctor or physician. In order to listen to the internal sounds of a patient, the Stethoscope should be very audible. And also it should give comfort to the user as they have to hold it throughout the day.  Though there are many brands of Stethoscopes in the … Read more


Website: In the 1960s Dr. David Littmann M.D.created what has become one of the most iconic models of stethoscope. His creation named the Littmann Cardiology became the gold standard for the modern stethoscope. Littmann and a partner formed Cardiosonics Inc to sell and market his product. The company was soon purchased by 3M which continues … Read more

ADC- American Diagnostic Corporation

Website: ADC- American Diagnostic Corporation was founded in 1984. Based here in the United States, it originally started as a small EMS supply company, but rapidly grew over the last 30 years to become a major medical equipment company. They launched their first stethoscope in 1994, and as of 2012 had launched their latest stethoscope … Read more


Website: MDF likes to describe themselves as a boutique manufacturer of stethoscopes. When you look at their website and ads they do give off that vibe of being a chique design company. MDF Instruments has existed since 1971, and has continued to base their company in the United States, despite doing extensive international business. MDF … Read more