7 Fun Facts About Stethoscopes

Every person working in the medical field is well aware of what a stethoscope is and it is used for. But the question is, how much do medical professionals really know about the stethoscope? Most likely, any medical professional knows that there are different kinds of units as well as the feature of each unit. … Read more

The Single Tunable Stethoscope vs. The Double Sided Stethoscope

Tons of stethoscope manufacturers would claim that they have the best device in the world. There are a variety of stethoscope models out in the market today, yet the spotlight and the hot seat is now on the rivalry between the double sided stethoscope and the single tunable stethoscope. Littmann is the premier stethoscope manufacturer … Read more

Best Stethoscope For Hearing Impaired Reviews 2023

A Stethoscope is the important device for every doctor or physician. In order to listen to the internal sounds of a patient, the Stethoscope should be very audible. And also it should give comfort to the user as they have to hold it throughout the day.  Though there are many brands of Stethoscopes in the … Read more

Best Veterinary Stethoscopes Reviews 2023

Being a Veterinary doctor is not easy as buying a stethoscope,Although If you’re a Veterinary and are looking for an amazing and affordable Stethoscope then you  are at the right place,we will show you the best Veterinary stethoscopes which are affordable and extremely usable. Auscultation is one of the major skills a veterinary doctor must … Read more

Best Pediatric Stethoscope Reviews 2023

Children are the Angels sent by God. They are full of life and also add colour to our lives but no matter the amount of reasonable care and affection bestowed upon them, they are bound to fall ill at times and have to consult a doctor to get back to their usual cheerful self. The … Read more

Best Cardiology Stethoscope Reviews 2023

Stethoscope  has been an important diagnostic tool since the beginning. Doctors mainly use the stethoscope for  auscultation be it for heart or lungs. Using the cardiology stethoscope a pediatric or doctor can evaluate the state of your heart functioning. In the beginning general stethoscopes were used but the acoustics in them were not so accurate … Read more

Littmann Stethoscope Earpieces and Eartips Review

The connection between the stethoscope and your ears is one of the most important connections on a stethoscope. Not all stethoscopes come with a comfortable set of earpieces or a set which correctly fits your ear canal. An excellent stethoscope can be ruined with a poor connection between the stethoscope and your ears. I have … Read more

Littmann Stethoscope Name Tag / ID Tag Review

If you haven’t already figured it out, there are many lookalike stethoscopes out there in the workplace. It doesn’t have to be malicious intent that causes your stethoscope to walk away. Sometimes it is simply someone with a similar looking stethoscope to you that mistakes yours for their own. This can be easily remedied by … Read more

ADC Stethoscope Hip Clip Holder Holster Review

If you are anything like me 12 hours with a stethoscope around your neck can be a little much. Despite how light most stethoscopes are there is no avoiding the feeling of having something weighing down on your neck. Additionally, the amount of skin oils and sweat that accumulate on the tubing can become a … Read more

Littmann Stethoscope Spare Parts Kit Review

Littmann stethoscopes are some of the highest quality stethoscopes on the market. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in their manufacturing is apparent when you pick one up. 3M/Littmann does an admirable job of backing their workmanship with strong warranty terms for each of their models. That said, if you are a heavy user of … Read more