Littmann Stethoscope Name Tag / ID Tag Review

If you haven’t already figured it out, there are many lookalike stethoscopes out there in the workplace. It doesn’t have to be malicious intent that causes your stethoscope to walk away. Sometimes it is simply someone with a similar looking stethoscope to you that mistakes yours for their own.

This can be easily remedied by keeping your stethoscope labeled with your name. There are many ways this is done in the workplace. Some people use a strip of tape or a patient ID band with their name on it. Others have more elaborate custom made devices including those with rhinestones and other forms of bling. I prefer to keep things simple and bold.

My primary stethoscope is a Littmann Cardiology III, it is not a cheap stethoscope to replace. Besides going with a unique color scheme on my stethoscope I immediately ordered a ID tag for it when I bought it. I elected to go with a Littmann ID Tag for mine.

While the design is usable on many brand of stethoscope I found this tag to fit the main things I was looking for in a piece of identification. The tag is made from a heavy synthetic rubber. It fits at the base of the binaurals and then wraps around the tubes. You have your choice of an engraveable metallic plate that inserts into the rubber or a simple blank tag that you can write your name on.

The tag was easy to install you just fold the rubber arms around your tubing and the slot into two retaining holes. Removal can be difficult, and to be honest the tag reminds me of some of the anti-theft devices you see in a department store. The adhesive on my name plate works well and I have no sign of it peeling off after 3 years of heavy use with this specific stethoscope and ID badge combo. All in all this is a worthy investment to help protect your purchase of a stethoscope.

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