Best Stethoscope For Hearing Impaired

A Stethoscope is the important device for every doctor or physician. In order to listen to the internal sounds of a patient, the Stethoscope should be very audible. And also it should give comfort to the user as they have to hold it throughout the day. 

Though there are many brands of Stethoscopes in the market, all of them are not suitable for every physician as the hearing capacity of individuals is different. 

Some of the physicians need special hearing Stethoscopes according to their hearing capacity. 

Here are some of the best audible and comfortable Stethoscopes for those who are searching for hearing impaired Stethoscopes. 

1. Adscope 615 Platinum Sculpted Stethoscope with Tunable AFD Technology

This Stethoscope is created with Platinum. And also has Tunable AFD (Adjustable frequency design) Technology. The Adjustable frequency design (AFD) of this Stethoscope gives the audible response of both a traditional bell and diaphragm into a comfortable one-sided chestpiece.

The chestpiece is created in ovoid shape. And is also bigger than the usual size. Simultaneously it is precision-machined from lightweight zinc CNC. And is plated with an attractive satin finished alloy. For this reason, it is very audible and good in performance and principles.

The diameter of the Diaphragm is 1-¾ inches. And weighs from 3.5 oz to 5.8 oz based on the selection of the product. The dimensions of this product are 12.8 x 1.5 x 6.5 inches. Where as it weighs about 3.52 ounces. 

The headset of this Stethoscope consists of 22 inches PVC tube which are moulded and flexible. Also the binaurals are stainless. Consequently, the eartips are made with Adsoft Plus silicone which provides comfort in wearing comfort and easy audibility. 

Besides, the product comes with two extra pairs of Adsoft Plus eartips and an ID tag. This complementary scope ID tag helps you in investment and property. 

Subsequently, the headsets of the Stethoscope are easy to wear. Comfortable and audible. Manufactured for daily use. The stainless chestpiece and headset makes it light in weight. 

These Stethoscopes are available in different colors and different finishes. Anyone can choose their Stethoscope according to their comfort. 

Warranty is given for lifetime. And also offers free consumables after registration which includes both diaphragms and eartips. Suitable for everyday use. Light in weight with heavy duty features. Reduces the noises in the background. Comfortable and soft eartips. Satisfied many customers with its reliability and quality.  

This product doesn’t support return policy. 

2. UltraScope Noise Cancelling Stethoscope

These Stethoscopes are best suitable for nurses treating kids as well as adults. Comes in different colors and interesting designs. 

The Ultrascope Stethoscope is uniquely designed with a single side. And is also sensitive to pressure. The stethoscope delivers favourable sounds of both heart and lung in human as well as animal patients. The head of the Stethoscope is made of Acrylic and is light in weight. Unbreakable and ergonomic. 

The dimensions of this Stethoscope are 30 x 2 x 0.88 inches and weight is 5.8 Ounces. 

It provides a clear sound. And is suitable for noise blocking. Allows comfortable hearing through bandages, clothes, blankets and fur. 

Suitable for daily and rough use. Known for its durability and lifetime warranty. Available in different colors and Designs. Satisfied many customers with its excellent features. 

3. Prestige Medical Clear Sound Heart Stethoscop

These Stethoscopes are manufactured with ultra sensitive audibility. And has unbreakable acrylic resin. 

The product dimensions are 12.6 inches (31.1 cm) x 5.91 inches (13.2 cm) x 1.97 inches (4.1 cm). And the weight of this Stethoscope is 6.35 ounces. 

The ear tips are made up of soft PVC and are safe to use. The product comes with extra ear pieces. 

Consequently, this Stethoscope is available in purple and red colours. The tubing is very flexible and clear. And the length of the tube is 22 inches providing great comfort. 

So Audible even from layers of clothes. Has an attractive design.

Some customers say that the heart shaped bell is a little large and heavier than expected.

Durable, attractive, stylish and comfortable stethoscope. 

4. Reizen Hearing Aid Stethoscope

This Stethoscope is a hearing aid Stethoscope. And is used in testing the hearing aids. 

The dimensions of this Stethoscope are 8.1 inches  x 4 inches x 1.2 inches. Simultaneously, the weight of this Stethoscope is 3.19 Ounces. 

The tube length of this Stethoscope makes the audibility easiers. Comes with great quality. And also has a separate attachment for hearing ear aids. 

Suitable for every use and is convenient for all. Durable and quality is worth trying. Satisfied many customers by its features. 

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