History of the Stethoscope

The origin of the stethoscope can be traced back to 19th Century France. René-Théophile-Hyacinthe Laennec was a French physician who was uncomfortable placing his head on the chest of women to listen to their hearts. His invention of the what he called the stethoscope can be pinned to the year 1816. The original stethoscope was … Read more

How ‘The View’ got Nurses, Doctors, and Stethoscopes all Wrong

Stethoscopes are not just for use by doctors. If there was any question about that then the firestorm surrounding Miss Colorado and some uneducated comments from the Joy Behar of ‘The View’ fame has put that to rest. When she stepped before the cameras Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson probably had no clue that her outstanding … Read more

The Sound of Crackles in the Lungs via Stethoscope

Crackles are a common sound auscultated in the lungs. They are also sometimes referred to as crepitations, or rales. Crackles are caused by the sudden opening  of smaller airways and alveoli collapsed by fluid or secretions. Crackles are classified by several different factors. Their pitch and sound characteristics Fine- high pitched and brief Medium Coarse- lower … Read more

Infection control: What is the best practice for stethoscopes?

We can’t avoid the presence of germs on our stethoscopes. It is just a part microbiology and the world we live in. Unfortunately, in the process of caring for multiple patients we have the potential to carry these contaminants between patients. Potentially causing an infection that could have otherwise been prevented. The stethoscope becomes a … Read more