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The Sound of Crackles in the Lungs via Stethoscope

Crackles are a common sound auscultated in the lungs. They are also sometimes referred to as crepitations, or rales. Crackles are caused by the sudden openingĀ  of smaller airways and alveoli collapsed by fluid or secretions. Crackles are classified by several different factors. Their pitch and sound characteristics Fine- high pitched and brief Medium Coarse- lower pitched and more prolonged Where they occur in the breathing cycle Inspiratory (common) Expiratory (less common)   A few common causes of crackles include:...
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How to Auscultate Heart Sounds

Like all patient assessments, the assessment of the cardiovascular system and heart needs to be done in a systematic manner. Each patient should have the same general pattern of assessment and technique used. Developing a good technique for listening to the heart prevents key information from being missed, and helps the practitioner organize their thoughts and assessment of the heart. Ideally you should listen to the heart with the stethoscope against the patient’s skin. This is especially important if you...
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