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How ‘The View’ got Nurses, Doctors, and Stethoscopes all Wrong

Stethoscopes are not just for use by doctors. If there was any question about that then the firestorm surrounding Miss Colorado and some uneducated comments from the Joy Behar of ‘The View’ fame has put that to rest. When she stepped before the cameras Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson probably had no clue that her outstanding monologue on being a nurse during the Miss America pageant would turn into a national incident with thousands of nurses up in arms. The hosts...
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History of the Stethoscope

The origin of the stethoscope can be traced back to 19th Century France. René-Théophile-Hyacinthe Laennec was a French physician who was uncomfortable placing his head on the chest of women to listen to their hearts. His invention of the what he called the stethoscope can be pinned to the year 1816. The original stethoscope was simple in design and existed primarily in the form of a solid tube structure with flared ends. Although simple, the original design marked the departure...
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Anatomy of the Stethoscope

Earpiece The earpiece allows for a tight seal between the user and the tubing of the stethoscope. They are commonly found in either plastic or rubber. Ear Tubes or Binaural The ear tubes aka binaural, help provide a rigid structure for the user end of the stethoscope. In combination with the spring they help to hold the stethoscope in the ears during use. Tubing The tubing carries the sound waves from the chest piece to the ear pieces. Single tube...
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