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Littmann Spare Parts Kit

Littmann Stethoscope Spare Parts Kit Review

Littmann stethoscopes are some of the highest quality stethoscopes on the market. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in their manufacturing is apparent when you pick one up. 3M/Littmann does an admirable job of backing their workmanship with strong warranty terms for each of their models. That said, if you are a heavy user of your stethoscope there will most likely come a time when a part for you stethoscope gets broken or is lost. If you are like me...
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ADC Stethoscope Hip Clip

ADC Stethoscope Hip Clip Holder Holster Review

If you are anything like me 12 hours with a stethoscope around your neck can be a little much. Despite how light most stethoscopes are there is no avoiding the feeling of having something weighing down on your neck. Additionally, the amount of skin oils and sweat that accumulate on the tubing can become a cleanliness issue as well as a comfort factor. Some people may find stethoscope tubing to be an irritant to their skin despite how hypo-allergenic most...
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Littmann Name Tag

Littmann Stethoscope Name Tag / ID Tag Review

If you haven’t already figured it out, there are many lookalike stethoscopes out there in the workplace. It doesn’t have to be malicious intent that causes your stethoscope to walk away. Sometimes it is simply someone with a similar looking stethoscope to you that mistakes yours for their own. This can be easily remedied by keeping your stethoscope labeled with your name. There are many ways this is done in the workplace. Some people use a strip of tape or...
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Littmann Earpieces

Littmann Stethoscope Earpieces and Eartips Review

The connection between the stethoscope and your ears is one of the most important connections on a stethoscope. Not all stethoscopes come with a comfortable set of earpieces or a set which correctly fits your ear canal. An excellent stethoscope can be ruined with a poor connection between the stethoscope and your ears. I have found several manufacturers seem to sell stethoscopes with the hard resin eartips by default and I have personally found the acoustics to be degraded by...
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