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Avoiding Counterfeit Stethoscopes

Counterfeit merchandise is a global problem facing consumers. Last year counterfeit goods cost the global economy $481 billion. Knockoff goods are not isolated to Levi Jeans or Louis Vuitton purses, and the unsuspecting healthcare professional can find themselves buying a knockoff stethoscope. These purchases can cost the customer in two ways 1) Inferior quality/manufacturing standards, and 2) Paying brand name prices for 3rd party products. The intellectual property infringement and damage to the global economy have their own costs that...
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When do I need to buy a new stethoscope?

Stethoscopes are a tool. The people using stethoscopes are skilled workers. Many users are masters of their trade and specialty. Much as a mechanic might wear out a good wrench, individuals working in the medical field eventually reach a time when they need to part ways with their trusty stethoscope and find a new model. Determining when this time has arrived can be difficult, so here is a brief guide to help you anticipate when you might need to consider...
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