Examining the 3M Littmann Stethoscope Warranty

3M/Littmann offers one of the most robust warranty programs of any stethoscope manufacturer on the market. While rugged and reliable, manufacturing imperfections and damage events do occur with Littmann stethoscopes. In addition to their warranty period, 3M is good about offering reasonable repair options for those who find their stethoscope in need of restoration outside warranty coverage. Owners can contact 3M directly through their website to get quotes for repairs.


Littmann Stethoscope warranty limits by model:


These warranty lengths are current as of 5/21/17 review of 3M/Littmann website.


Did you know?

3M also has a robust inventory of repair components that you can purchase for minor repair needs on your stethoscope. Small part kits for easy home repair of Littmann stethoscopes are available.



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